Closet Space


Know your storage needs. Count the number of shoes, shirts, sweaters and long hanging pants and dresses that you need to store. You should design your closet around these needs. In addition to clothing hangers, Woodlore also offers Tie Hangers, Belt Hangers and more to store all your accessories.

Use all available closet space. This includes anywhere shelving or clothes bars won't fit. Woodlore closet accessories (such as our Shirt/Sweater Box, Tie Box or Socks Box) are perfect for overhead spaces. You can also make the most of available wall space with an Accessory Mate, Tie Rack or Belt Rack. For maximum effectiveness, line your shelvves with our aromatic cedar Drawer Liners or Cedar Paper.

Use adjustable shelving and clothes bars. This way, your closet can change as your needs change.

Avoid metal hangers. This helps prevent sagging clothes and rust stains. Instead use our Standard Hangers, Classic Hangers or Contoured Hangers for jackets, shirts, blouses and coats.

Make room for everything. Include spaces for handbags, belts, ties, jewelry and laundry. Our tie and belt products make it easy to keep these items organized. Store handbags flat to retain their shape and consider stuffing delicate purses with tissue.

Store out-of-season clothes out of the way. If you have a spare closet, use it for out-of-season clothing. As the seasons change, simply swap closets with your winter and summer clothes. Our Shirt/Sweater Box and Socks Box are also great choices for off-season storage.

Protect clothing and linens. Woodlore Essential Cedar, Cedar Scents, Cedar Blocks and Cedar Hang-Ups help repel moths and other insects. Their natural scent also freshens dresser drawers and closets.

Don't leave shoes underfoot. Woodlore Shoe Racks keep all your shoes organized in one place. You should also use shoe trees to absorb moisture and deodorize shoes when you're not wearing them. And don't wear the same pair of shoes two days in a row. Let them dry and rest with our cedar shoe trees in them.

Get rid of items you don't wear. If you haven't worn something in the past year, odds are you won't wear it again. Consider donating it to charity.

Keep drawers organized. Our cedar Shirt/Sweater Boxes, Tie Boxes, Socks Boxes, and Drawer Dividers make it easy to find whatever you're looking for.