Why Cedar?

Why Cedar?

Woodlore has been using cedar to maximize the life of your shoes since 1987.

From its ability to absorb moisture to its naturally fresh scent, cedar is the ideal choice when it comes to caring for and storing your fine clothing and footwear.

The world has trusted cedar since 5,000 B.C - and for good reason.

In the third millennium B.C. the Indus civilization used cedar to create lavish temples and royal palaces.

Alexander the Great used it to build great naval fleets.

And in the 18th century, European furniture makers began using cedar in travel trunks to protect keepsakes and fine woolen items.

They knew intuitively what science has today proven: cedarwood oils help preserve the things you love most.

The Benefits of Cedar

Reap the maximum benefits of cedar with our sustainably-sourced, uncoated cedarwood products.

Absorbs Moisture

Uncoated cedar (our specialty) absorbs moisture, preventing creases and cracks to preserve the shape of your shoes. By using shoe trees made from cedarwood, you can actually extend the life of your shoes by up to 50%.

Deodorizes Naturally

Cedar's fresh, timeless scent isn't just for shoes. While cedar prevents smelly sneakers and loafers, it's equally effective at adding a fresh scent to your entire wardrobe.

Repels Insects

Aromatic cedar repels pests like moths, carpet beetles, cockroaches and silverfish, protecting your clothes from tiny holes and unwanted guests.

Lasts a Lifetime

Each year, give your cedar a light sanding with a medium sandpaper to restore the aromatic properties and continue benefiting from your cedar products for a lifetime.

But not all cedar is created equal...

While many different species of cedar exist, only aromatic cedar possesses the qualities and cedarwood properties that make Woodlore products so unique.

Of that aromatic cedar, the heartwood is the part of the cedar tree that has value: it's where the oils of the cedarwood reside, and it's where the fragrance comes from.

While our competition stuff their products with sapwood (the wood in a cedar tree that surrounds the heartwood) and laminates their products (limiting the efficacy of the cedar oil), we're proud to offer uncoated cedar products that are up to 80% pure cedar, allowing our customers to experience the maximum benefits of cedar oil.

Start Using Cedar to Protect Your Clothing

Cedar Shoe Trees

Use our cedar shoe trees to keep the shape of your favorite shoes while naturally deodorizing them.

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Ecological, economical and all-natural, EcoFresh products absorb moisture, deodorize with cedar's fresh scent and help repel moths and other insectsin closet and storage areas.

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Cedar Pant Trolleys

Organize and hang your slacks with our cedar pant trolleys, perfect for maximizing space in a small closet.

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You've invested a lot into your wardrobe.
Invest a little and start protecting it.

Cedar plays a vital role in protecting fine shoes and clothing. Shop Woodlore products and start extending the life of your wardrobe.

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